Embroidery Designs

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What size of embroidery designs do you prefer?
Please describe
What subject matter do you use most in your embroidery? (choose all that apply)
Please describe other types of embroidery you enjoy.
What style of embroidery do you prefer? (choose all that apply)
Please specify what other types of embroidery design styles you prefer.
Where do you use most of your embroidery work? (choose all that apply)
Please specify other locations where you use embroidery designs.
What is your favorite Janome embroidery design (please state model number and design number)
How would you evaluate the current designs built into Janome embroidery machines?
How important are the built-in designs when choosing a new embroidery machine?
Do you modify designs, or create your own with Software?
What software do you use?
What is your favorite source for new embroidery designs?
What is your favorite format to purchase designs in?
Who is your favorite designer? (this may include embroidery designs or fabric designs)
Do you currently own an embroidery machine?
What is your favorite Janome hoop size?
What type of embroidery machine do you own?