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  • seating plan manager

    Create seating plans, design rules & assign seats

    The seating module enables the rapid creation of seating charts for rooms of any size or specification. Using the drag-and-drop feature, attendees can be placed exactly where desired and be allowed to seat themselves.

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  • seating plan manager product tour

  • Detailed features for seating plan manager

    • Manage seating assignment and room layout
    • Design color-coded table plans & rooms
    • Allow attendees to seat themselves
    • Easily export and send your seating plan to the event venue
    • Manage table access using category restriction
    • Easily locate attendees by name or company using the search feature

    before the event

    • Allow attendees to seat themselves by adding a dynamic seating plan to the registration form
    • Design multiple seating plans per event
    • Print PDF seating plans to share with the on-site staff
    • Print table repartition to check attendee in and manage seating organization onsite

    after the event

    in between events

    • Clone your seating plan to re-use it for your next events

    seating plan manager is ideal for

    • Deciding location of room elements
    • Managing multiple seating charts
    • Selling tickets to self-seating events
    • Quick table or seat changes
    • Defined seating rules
    • Streamlining seating placement online
    Note: seating plan manager is available as part of the pro package.

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchased from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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let’s get you started

From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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Platform modules


Design your own seating plans and drag-and-drop registrants based on defined seating rules.

eSeating enables the rapid creation of seating charts for rooms of any size or specification. Using the drag-and-drop feature, attendees can be placed exactly where desired and be allowed to seat themselves.

Virtual tour: watch the eSeating video
Who uses

eSeating is used by anyone who performs the complicated (and political) process of seat assignment and seating arrangement for events. No matter the floor plan (or whether you use several) eSeating is the tool of choice for event professionals who want a no nonsense tool to seat attendees or allow attendees to self-select their seat.

When to use

Use eSeating instead of whiteboards, paper, post-its or Excel spreadsheets to design seating arrangements. Decide location of room elements; the stage, round tables, bars, buffet, banquet tables and more at the touch of a mouse. Selling tickets to self-select seating events couldn’t be easier. Make timely seat changes before sponsorships, politics or space constraints become an issue. With eSeating’s link to eReg, it facilitates table tent card creation, seating plans and badges.

What to love

Completely flexible setup of room size, layout and seating arrangements

Search feature to locate attendees by name or company to seat individually

Manage multiple seating charts for the same event

Limit access to tables by category restriction

How it’s priced
eSeating module is only available as part of the etouches pro package, which also offers eProject, eScheduler, eBudget, eWiki, eSocial, eBooth, and the four modules of quad. Pricing is based on the number of overall registrants over a period of time, and includes activation, web-based live training, 24/7
technical support, and access to the client support portal featuring live chat. There is no cost per seating plan or for using as an attendee-facing tool through eReg or eHome. The plus+ modules include individual add-on solutions that can be added to quad or pro.