• Networking & Matchmaking

    1-to-1 meetings, matchmaking tool, agenda & messaging

    The network module allows delegates to connect securely and privately with other delegates pre-event to request on-site meetings, fostering productive business dealings. It frees organizers from the burden of administering meetings and provides summary and detail reports that show the level and type of networking taking place. The network module automates the process of matching up vendors and attendees of similar interests at hosted-buyer events and other meetings.

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  • Detailed features for Networking & Matchmaking

    • Enhance networking and automate matchmaking
    • Customizable meeting & messages center
    • Automatically send personalized meeting invitations
    • Allow attendees to specify their interests during registration
    • Fully customizable look & feel
    • Attendees can easily view their personal schedule

    Before the event

    • Assign specific rooms and time slots for 1-to-1 or group meetings
    • Allow attendees to get in touch with each other by sending messages & scheduling onsite meetings
    • Use the matchmaking tool to auto-generate appointments based on matching various criteria
    • Give your exhibitors the opportunity to contact potential clients & invite them to visit their booth
    • Print and give your attendees their personal schedule including session selection and confirmed 1-to-1 appointments
    • Give your attendees the opportunity to book spaces for private meetings
    • Allow your attendees to reschedule or cancel their appointments at any time

    After the event

    • Allow attendees to get in touch with people they did not manage to meet during the event through the message center
    • Analyze & export reports on attendees interest
    • Use the meeting report to measure the networking level of your event

    In between events

    • Clone your networking set-up to re-use it for similar networking events

    Networking & Matchmaking is ideal for

    • Delegate networking
    • Vendor & attendee appointments
    • Pre-event online messaging
    • Face-to-face meeting requests
    • Scheduling meetings by interests
    • Automated matchmaking process
    Note: networking & matchmaking is available as part of the pro package.

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchase from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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