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Customizable, skip logic-enabled surveys.

eSurvey is an online module for creating attendee surveys. Integrated with eReg, it beats other survey solutions hands down. No more cutting and pasting lists of attendees together and importing into other survey tools.

As soon as you’ve created an event and a registrant list, surveys can be sent without having to continuously update your survey participant list. The module also facilitates reports and generates data charts.

Virtual tour: watch the eSurvey video
Who uses

Event, marketing and sales professionals love eSurvey for its ease of use. Organizers enjoy eSurvey for its time saving functionality getting surveys up and distributed to attendees quickly.

When to use

Collecting feedback to make planning more effective



Gauging interest in specific topics or learning modalities

Getting a consensus on certain directions or preferences

Understanding the level of satisfaction of speakers, topics and more

Planning within committees, departments and chapters

What to love

Integrated with your event so it’s easy to pull survey participant lists from registrant lists

Design simple, point-and-click your way to a great looking survey

Create as many questions and pages as you need

Easy-to-use reports

Upload survey feedback data to pie, bar and line graph charts to use in PowerPoint presentations, Excel and more

How it’s priced
eSurvey module is available as part of the etouches quad (event basics) package, which also offers eReg, eHome and eMarketing. Pricing is based on the number of overall registrants over a period of time, and includes activation, web-based live training, 24/7 technical support, and access to the client support portal featuring live chat.
There are no limits to the number of surveys, responses and questions you can create, or to the number of administrators who can access eSurvey. The pro package includes quad. The plus+ modules include individual add-on solutions that can be added to quad or pro.