• Event Analytics and Goals

    Stop guessing. Start knowing what your attendees value.

    LOOPD Event Analytics is how you know what your attendees value so you can create unforgettable event experiences. Measure the number of attendees and understand how long they stay in each session. Always have the right content at your event. Visualize the movement of attendees around the event and reveal the most trending areas. Make sure you know the real worth of your floor plan. Monitor how critical event campaigns are performing in real time and recognize areas that need improvement before the events over.

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  • Detailed features for Event Analytics and Goals


    • Recognize key investment areas that build brand equity
    • Identify the most trending sessions, exhibitors and activations
    • Visualize the movement of attendees around your event
    • Determine the real worth of your floor plan
    • Reveal the most influential attendees at your event


    • Define event goals and keep track of their performance
    • Capture and analyze mission-critical engagement and event data
    • Evaluate event success in real-time and take immediate action
    • View actionable metrics such as overall event performance, traffic flow, attendees, and session attendance
    • Connect a wide range of data sources such as registrations, surveys and more

    Before the event

    • use customizable templates to define your event’s success criteria (goals)
    • link your goals to related metrics from a wide range of data sources including registration data, your mobile app, iBeacons, surveys and much more
    • uniquely combine qualitative and quantitative factors as needed
    • Quickly asses your event and follow up on your goals in real-time with visual dashboards that provide clarity and ease of use
    • Drill down to quickly identify areas requiring attention
    • Take action right away using the integrated knowledge base

    After the event

    • Get detailed insights on the performance of your event
    • use your Event ROI data to define areas to focus on for future events

    In between events

    • prioritize and address inefficiencies to define new strategies for next events
    • reuse goals templates for similar events

    Event Analytics and Goals is ideal for

    • define your event’s success criteria
    • measure results from a wide range of data sources
    • quickly assess your event in real-time
    • gauge progress and preempt issues
    • identify goals requiring your attention
    • view contextual information from the knowledge base
    • Leverage the integrated etouches platform for a data-driven approach

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchase from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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