• Event Budget Tool

    Track revenue, forecast and export

    The budget module facilitates control and tracking of event expenditure, revenue streams and overall financial performance.
    A straightforward financial tool to input expenses and track revenue against real-time registrant data.

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  • Detailed features for Event Budget Tool

    • Keep track of your expenses & revenue
    • Run profitability reports against real-time registrant data
    • Design your own budget templates
    • Easily export your reports to Excel

    Before the event

    • Design your own budget template organized by categories, vendors, attendees & cost
    • Create budget for approval
    • Revenue & per head expenses automatically updated in real-time allowing you to focus on your event management

    After the event

    • Cross-reference event data against your budget to track deficit and surplus
    • Generate variance reports

    In between events

    • Clone budget template
    • Run cross-event profitability reports

    Event Budget Toolis ideal for

    • Tracking spending of multiple vendors
    • Sponsorships or exhibitor packages
    • Ticketed events or eCommerce
    • Monitoring budgets in real-time
    • Accessing the ROI of an event
    • Non-financial experts
    Note: event budget manager is available as part of the pro package.

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchase from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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