• Email Marketing for Events

    HTML and text email messaging with click-through reporting

    Email marketing for events should be a big piece of your promotion efforts. The etouches marketing module offers an effortless way to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns. Our comprehensive event email marketing interface allows you to promote your event and communicate directly with your target audience. The module includes the ability to format with HTML and text, and deliver your best event emails while tracking click-throughs. We understand the growing importance of email marketing for events. That is why we feature the event email marketing module as a Core offering for our etouches customers.

    The event email marketing module allows you to easily track whether your attendee generation campaigns are working. Your best event emails can even become revenue generators through banner ad inclusion options! Attendee awareness for your next event is critical. Email marketing for events needs to be a large part of your promotion strategy.

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  • Detailed features for Email Marketing for Events

    • Configure and design the best event emails to promote your event
    • Send personalized invitation emails
    • Get reports with details on opens, unsubscribes, etc.
    • Upload Excel-based mailing lists
    • Send targeted e-mails to specific audiences

    Before the event

    • Send personalized invitations asking your guests to decline or respond through a direct link to the registration form
    • Create & easily clone email templates using your event branding & include sponsor logos
    • Schedule newsletters containing special offers such as discount codes or specific offers
    • Keep your attendees up-to-date with last-minute e-mail updates
    • Create an on-site newsletter to send each day with information about the key moments of the day and a brief summary of what should not be missed on the next day

    After the event

    • Send a thank you email to all your attendees containing a link to your post-event survey
    • View and download email click-through report to measure the impact of your newsletters
    • Track opening, unsuscribes & bounces to update your mailing list and enhance the quality of its contact details

    In between events

    • Save time and clone your best event emails as templates
    • Using your best event emails, include ad space to generate revenue
    Note: marketing & email is available as part of the core and pro packages.

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