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    Project Planning Software for Events

    Being an event project manager can be quite the hassle without the right project event tools. Keeping track of your staff, vendors, attendees, and speakers while also monitoring your project plan online can be difficult without proper event project management. With the help of efficient project event tools, event project managers can successfully create and keep track of their project plan online and monitor the overall progression of their event. Fortunately, etouches provides a variety of project event tools, including our innovative project module which allows event project managers to seamlessly build projects, assign roles, track events, and more all through one platform.

    Project planning software designed specifically for meetings and events, the project module keeps the execution team focused, on track, and on time by creating tasks, assigning ownership and developing timelines. With this project event tool, the timeline is easily displayed and shows all tasks relevant to the project, who is responsible for what, and the timeframe that has been allocated. With our project planning software, your event management project plan is made easy and you can easily stay in control of your event. Effortlessly keep track of your project plan online and follow the progression of your event and the activities of your team and vendors with our project planning software.

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  • Detailed features for Project Management

    • Easily manage your event team
    • Create & assign tasks and monitor progress
    • View all tasks in a handy Gantt-chart view
    • Add notes & documents to tasks
    • Run cross-event task reports

    Before the event

    • Assign tasks to your team and vendors
    • Send due-date reminder emails to your team
    • Create tasks and monitor progression
    • Print PDF calendar for your on-site staff
    • Keep record of your last minutes added tasks

    After the event

    • Assign & monitor post event tasks

    In between events

    • Clone event timeline
    • Run cross-event task reports

    Project Management is ideal for

    • Organizing team projects
    • Time-sensitive tasks
    • Planning intricate events
    • Event creation timeline
    • Managing a client base
    • Cross-departmental task management
    Note: project management is available as part of the pro package.

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You don't pay by module for Essentials and Professional packages, only your price per registration will change (and decrease with committed volumes) you have access to all modules included in the package. Additional + modules can be purchased individually. Visit our package and pricing page for more information.

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