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    Customizable, skip logic-enabled surveys

    When hosting an event, it is important for event planners to monitor the progression of their event from start to finish. One way to keep track of attendees and their satisfaction with your event is through an event survey. An event survey can be used to acquire important feedback and provide you with information to implement in your future events. To build adequate event surveys without hassle and to get the answers you need to event survey questions, you’ll want to make sure you’re using advanced event survey software, like etouches’ esurvey module.

    etouches’ esurvey module is an online module for creating attendee event surveys. Integrated with the registration module, it beats other event survey software hands down. Our esurvey module is easy to use and allows event planners to customize and edit surveys, add and modify event survey questions, and send surveys out to all attendees registered at the event from one platform. No more cutting and pasting lists of attendees together and importing into other survey tools.

    As soon as you’ve created an event and a registrant list, surveys can be sent without having to continuously update your survey participant list. Our esurvey module also facilitates reports and generates data charts. Integrated with our event survey software is live survey tools. With our live survey tools, event planners can track and send surveys to attendees and monitor feedback in real-time. You’ll have the ability to monitor attendance in real-time before your event and see the progress of each attendee as they attend booth sessions during your event with live survey tools. Our esurvey module makes monitoring events simple and acquiring feedback easy.

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  • Detailed features for Event Survey

    • Create quick, simple & customizable surveys
    • Add multiple types of questions (multiple choice, free text, etc.)
    • Used for voting, trends tracking, quality check, pre/post tests and more
    • Customize colors, fonts and logos or use your event template
    • View and export detailed reports in multiple formats

    Before the event

    • Send web surveys to track trends and estimate attendance
    • Use quiz scoring to send pre-tests evaluating participants level before they attend a training session
    • Create online voting or election forms with as many options as you need
    • Get on-site attendee feedback on your event sessions
    • Set-up interactive sessions

    After the event

    • Create and send post tests to measure training results
    • Send satisfaction surveys to your attendees to get their post-event feedback
    • Upload survey/test data to pie, bar and line graph charts to use in post-event presentations

    In between events

    • Clone your surveys to save time when creating them for your next event; easily analyze cross-event survey results

    Event Survey is ideal for

    • Post-event evaluations
    • Feedback on sessions and speakers
    • Assessing attendee preferences
    • Gauging topic interests
    • Planning event content
    • Voting
    • Send pre and post-tests
    Note: event survey is available as part of the core and pro packages.

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