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    Create, manage & launch professional event apps.

    Looking for a powerful mobile app that takes your events to the next level? Look no further!

    Our event management software platform allows you to create a feature-complete event app in no time. With its unique blend of information, engagement and interactive features, it’s the best event app available. Put all event information at your attendees’ fingertips, improving their event experience. From their mobile devices, attendees can create a personalized schedules, discover nearby attendees, book meetings, review their event journey, and much more with the 40+ available app features.

    The mobile event app platform isn’t just a great tool for attendees. Advanced reports give event planners detailed insight into the performance & ROI of your event. Fully customize the look & feel of your event app to align with your brand identity. Monetize your app through banner ads, sponsored push notifications, and premium listings.

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  • Detailed features for Mobile Event App

    • Powerful yet easy-to-use mobile app that your attendees will love
    • 30+ features that can be activated at the flick of a switch
    • Tightly integrated with your etouches event data
    • Native app for iOS, Android and a HTML5 web app
    • Easily change the look & feel of your event app
    • Engage with your attendees in real-time through push notifications
    • Designed from an event planner perspective with a strong focus on ROI & performance metrics.
    • Pro services includes app design creation, data entry, on-site services, and more

    Before the event

    • Set up your app and activate modules. Features can be activated even when your app is live. Updates get pushed to attendees automatically
    • Customize the look & feel of your app to make it match your event
    • Data from etouches such as sessions, speakers and more is synced automatically
    • Add poll questions and surveys to your app. These can be activated at the right point-in-time during the event
    • Submit the app to the app stores at least 4 weeks before the event. Our Professional Services team is available to assist you in every step of the app building process: defining an event app strategy, setting up your app and its engagement features and submission to the app stores.
    • Promote your event app with pre-event mailings, app link on badges & tickets and more
    • Set-up iBeacons at the venue to enable indoor location tracking
    • Set up your social channels such as Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn & Instagram
    • Start selling app monetization features such as banner ads, sponsored push notifications and more
    • Activate polls at the right point-in-time during sessions; attendees answer from the app, results are shown in real-time in the session room
    • Send push notifcations to keep attendees engaged and up-to-date
    • See how your event is performing in real-time
    • Set-up last-minute surveys to get feedback fast
    • Reach out to attendees with personalized push notifications based on attendee interests
    • Allow exhibitors to capture leads by using the lead retrieval functionality
    • Enable attendees to bookmark people or companies they were interested in such as sessions, speakers, exhibitors, event partners and more

    After the event

    • Check post-event reports
    • Analyze survey results
    • Make keynote speaker slides available in the app
    • Send push notifcations with post-event updates
    • Sell leads to sponsors/exhibitors based on what attendees were interested in
    • Send out post-show e-mails containing all the content people have favorited

    In between events

    • Benchmark events by using LOOPD Goals and Analytics reporting
    • Create a multi-event app that contains your year-long events

    Mobile Event App is ideal for

    • Tradeshow organizers
    • Large conferences
    • Corporate event planners
    • PCOs/agencies
    Note: mobile event app (native) is available as part of the plus package.

How to buy etouches event management software?

All the above modules can be purchase from 3 packages. You don’t pay by module for core and pro, only your price per registration will change ( and decrease with committed volumes ) you have access to all modules included in the package. plus+ modules can be purchased individually. Visit package and pricing page for more information.


the event essentials

Market (emailing and website creation), manage (event registration) and audit (create and send live surveys).

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the event power suite

Includes the core package and pro features like timeline and schedule management, seating, social matchmaking, and exhibitor floor plans.

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value added add-ons

The plus package includes add-on options to the quad or pro packages. Products, services and integrations connect technology.

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let’s get you started

From event registration and logistics, to event promotion and analytics, etouches enhances team collaboration with a single online platform.

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