October 14, 2014 – etouches Announces The Launch of etouches U, the event software university at IMEX America

NORWALK, Conn., October 14, 2014 – etouches, a leading provider of cloud-based event management enterprise software, today announced the launch of etouches University (etouches U), an industry-leading certification program for its event software platform. Recognizing that today’s event planners need to have a certain critical set of skills to succeed, and that clients are looking to further their training in the ever changing events technology market, etouches has developed a series of programs that will allow all current etouches customers to become more knowledgeable users of the software, and certified in the software at no additional charge.

“We currently train thousands of users each year in our software, and now being able to offer them the opportunity to become fully certified is just another step in our dedication to our clients,” said Julian Ward, chief client officer for etouches. “With etouches U, our clients will now have the ability to broaden their skills within the software and allow their new training to expand their knowledge in the industry at their own pace and at a time convenient for them.”

etouches U’s philosophy is to help clients gain the training that they have been looking for without the extra hassle of having to pay for university courses. etouches U will be free to all etouches users and available on-demand online. There will be five different programs: basic, administrator, advanced, expert, and pro. When you join the university you must start with etouches basic to be able to move on to other certificate programs. Users will have 30 to 90 days to complete the course depending on the program that they picked. Once you become certified you will receive a diploma from etouches U.

“As a top event software company, it is our responsibility to invest in our users and offer them a best in class tool that they can push to the limits,” said Oni Chukwu, CEO of etouches. “The university is a project that will help our event community grow exponentially not only as individual users, but as a collective with the etouches family. In launching another industry ‘first’, it is our hope that users will find the benefit in our certification program and use what they learned to increase their events’ effectiveness.”

To learn more, visit our booth 356 at IMEX America and talk to our on-site representatives about etouches U, or go to Learn more about etouches at etouches.com/u.

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etouches is a leader in in-cloud events management enterprise software. Founded in 2008, the company has more than 20 000 users in 35 countries. Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., the company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries with offices in Reading, UK and Sydney, Australia. Learn more at Learn more about etouches at etouches.com.

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