interact with students and stakeholders

Educational events are key to interact with your students & trainees. Organizing them is time-consuming. Our solution helps you manage every aspect of your events and minimizes preparations and set up time.

one unique solution to help you successfully manage your events

From open days & conferences, to webinars, etouches has you covered. Our feature-complete tool assists you in building your event site, creating registration forms, designing your badges, managing payments and more.

key takeaways

  • create and manage your event website & registration forms
  • easily create new events by cloning a previous recurring event
  • create pre and post evaluation tests for your training sessions
  • offer your students a platform to communicate and schedule appointments
  • run cross-event reports in just one click to evaluate attendance

you should start using etouches, today.

Seamlessly include event management in your ecosystem by integrating etouches with your other business applications. We provide packaged integrations with best-in-class software in various verticals such as marketing, association management, CRM & ERP, social networks, payment gateways, messaging and more. The etouches API provides a means to truly integrate your events with your favorite tools & solutions an ensure your data is always up-to-date at any time and in all you applications.

clients using etouches testimonial from Geoff VanDeusen

Everything we needed to manage for our convention is now online and accessible for all staff involved. Since integrating etouches into all of our events, we have advanced our assoc
National Soccer Coaches Association

our business clients include
  • universities
  • higher education institutes
  • colleges
  • private schools
  • professional training
types of meetings managed
  • school events
  • student parties
  • webinars
  • online evaluations
  • conferences
  • study trips
  • open days
  • conventions
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