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Whether it’s a movie premiere, a screening or a sponsoring event, etouches has you covered. We understand media event planners juggle many roles when organizing events in the center of the media spot light. It is the reason we are committed to providing the best solution, tailored to your needs.

one unique solution to help you successfully manage your events

The etouches solution helps media professionals in organizing unique events that scream innovation and attract the right kind of attention. It gives the flexibility to customize and manage everything from creating registration forms, sending invitation emails, creating seating plans and much more. Media events are global and so is etouches. Our solution is multi-lingual and enables media event professionals to organize and execute events anywhere in the world.

key takeaways

  • select a venue from a database of over 105k hotels and venues worldwide
  • create and manage your event website & registration forms
  • send customizable invitations, track responses & send targeted reminders
  • easily manage and display seating plans
  • get feedback from your participants at any time and share results using the survey module

you should start using etouches, today.

Seamlessly include event management in your ecosystem by integrating etouches with your other business applications. We provide packaged integrations with best-in-class software in various verticals such as marketing, association management, CRM & ERP, social networks, payment gateways, messaging and more. The etouches API provides a means to truly integrate your events with your favorite tools & solutions and ensure your data is always up-to-date at any time and in all you applications.

clients using etouches testimonial from Jerome Fohet

etouches clearly understood my needs and requirements during our first introduction call. In less than 30 minutes I realized etouches would be the event management tool I needed.

our business clients include
  • publishing companies
  • film studios
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • media conglomerates
types of meetings managed
  • corporate events
  • internal trainings
  • screenings
  • gala dinners
  • parties
  • movie premieres
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