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There are many types software, but when it comes to a robust tool with outstanding features, there is only a few. Know what you are buying and the real costs. etouches is happy to help you compare.

Doing an event requires a lot of coordination. We do events ourselves and know how critical it is to focus on what really matters. etouches is here to ease your event organization. We automate as much as possible, connect you to other software so you don’t have to double check everything and have your data flowing like never before!
Let’s make this very clear: support is free, training is free, and set up is free. etouches pricing cannot be easier. We believe that our transparency is what makes 96% of our customers stay with us. We are happy to introduce you to many of them!
etouches has a lot to offer. We are constantly improving our solution. We are a software that has received positive feedback from our 1,000+ customers running thousands of events every month. We want you to benefit from that. We want your event to grow and we will always stand behind you.
Using an event platform is also to drive efficiency. Remember all the things we used to do manually. We could be talking about a variety of roles in the event organization, but the value of a well thought-out software is proven in terms of productivity. etouches believes you can speed up your rhythm and move from quad to pro when you feel ready to power your event with more features.
At etouches support is in-house only. Across our 3 main offices (US, UK, and AUS) we offer free 24/7 support through mail, chat, phone, and video. Our event and software experts are one of the things we are most proud of. We got you covered.
Like your bank and your other online businesses, we value security. We invest a lot of time and effort to maintain the best security processes to make sure that not only is your data safe, but that uptime is off the charts. An event cannot suffer from a software interruption, check our technology page for more information.
No! Never! We know events and if you need support, our only mission is to assist you, within the shortest time frame and solve any issue you may have. We got your back. We will help you any day, any time, with our in-house experts.
etouches prides itself on providing a high level of customer satisfaction. Our clients are required to sign a license and service agreement which outlines the expectations between the client and etouches and an explanation of client termination rights. Should a client decide within the first ten days from contract execution that the solution does not meet their needs, a refund will be provided if services were pre-paid. As outlined in our agreement, if etouches does not perform services at any time during the contract and a breach occurs, clients can exit the agreement without penalty and any pre-paid dollars for services not performed will be refunded. There are no refunds for months where services were performed per the agreement. There are no refunds on any completed work. If your service is terminated due to violation of any of our policies a refund will not be issued.
etouches supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and above (following Microsoft’s own support policy). For all other browsers, such as Chrome, FireFox, and Safari that feature Auto-Update, we support the latest version of each. While some older versions may be supported, please contact your sales rep or account manager for specific browser versions.

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