What is event management software?

As an event manager, your duties start long before the actual event. There’s marketing, finding and securing a venue, selecting speakers, and scheduling. During the function, you’re moving a million miles per hour with your coordination efforts. Finally, there are follow-up tasks and keeping the audience engaged. At every stage, you’re working with analytics to ensure the best ROI.

Evolution of Event Management Software

In the past, event managers had to piece together various technologies. They dealt with one company to create a website, another for budgeting software, and another for logistics.

While early event planning software did boost the productivity of event organizers, it did little to boost the engagement and ROI of attendees. Eventually, networking solutions such as smart badges entered the scene to make events more valuable to participants.

Event planning software has been available for years, but it hasn’t always been comprehensive and streamlined. Today’s best event management software assists planners with every aspect of the job. It not only makes events run more smoothly, it also makes them more valuable.

Why Use Event Management Software?

There are several universal goals in event management. Chief among these is maximizing the ROI for everyone involved. A complete event management solution helps event planners with this in four critical areas:

It enlivens and personalizes the experience

88% of consumers are less likely to return after a poor experience, and nine out of ten survey respondents agree that “good user experience just makes sense.” It’s important to consumers across the board, and it’s critical in event management.

A smooth, engaging, and personalized experience helps attendees get the most out of the event. Happy attendees will boost your reputation. They’ll also be more likely to engage with your company and attend future events.

It engages attendees before, during, and after the event

Two-way communication attracts attendees, maximizes their experience, and continues the conversation after the event is over. This is another key element in getting attendees to return for continued interaction and repeat attendance.

It provides event ROI metrics

By leveraging data and analytics, you can engage prospects and participants all along the value chain. The right software solution will help you keep track of what works and what doesn’t. It will help you see and demonstrate the value of your event. Surveys aren’t enough; scalable data is critical when it comes to measurements, and the best event technology helps gather and analyze that data at every step.

It delivers ROI for every stakeholder

Outstanding event management software helps maximize the ROI for everyone. It helps you cater to your audience, make adjustments on the fly and in the long term, and keep participants engaged. It also helps your attendees keep track of what they learned and who they met at your event. Innovative event solutions cut costs, increase attendance, please your audience, and build your reputation.

What Industries Use Event Management Software?

Event management software can help event organizers in any industry. Anyone who puts together trade shows, networking events, or conferences can benefit from event technology. Corporations, media, government, non-profits, educators, professional conference organizers, and agencies of all types use event management software.

Features and Functions Critical for Success

The best event management software covers the whole event. To do that effectively, it must take on event management one piece at a time. Here’s what to look for in event management solutions.


A lot goes into marketing both before and after an event. An event website is essential, acting as a home base for your online presence. Email marketing and social media are equally as important. Event management software should help you reach your target audience.

An event is only as good as its content, but managing event content is another challenge that software can help with. With a quality software solution, the submission and selection process becomes streamlined.

With today’s technology, there is no reason to treat all prospects and attendees the same. Instead, marketers should customize content, planning, schedules, and even networking opportunities for each participant, based on their wants, needs, job roles, geographic location, industry, interests, and so on. By nurturing “birds-of-a-feather” groups, event planners are able to connect and interact virtually, well before they ever meet attendees in person. Organizers can also use technology to tweak their event before it takes place, based on the reactions and trending topics they’re seeing on social media and other channels.

Registration and logistics

A customized, efficient registration process improves an event’s image and makes pre-event tasks run more smoothly. Outstanding software allows registration that’s customized for the specific event. It also helps with logistics in every area including venues, accommodations, transportation, badges, scheduling, and certificates. It includes budget management tools that have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Central to logistics, smart badges are a must for putting on an outstanding event. A complete event planning solution includes smart badges that help attendees keep track of their contacts and help event organizers keep things running. Budgeting software is another essential that keeps your event on track.

Engagement and live polling

Investing in engagement and polling before the event can boost productivity and enhance the event experience. Polling leading up to the event can help with matchmaking and scheduling.
It matters during the event, too. Having a mobile app for events and making use of live polling help you stand out. A live polling app can provide real-time data. Then you can act in real time, improving the experience for everyone.

Data and ROI

Paying attention to the data from start to finish has an impact on your ROI and helps participants see their own ROI. When your software solution provides actionable data, you can use it to stay within your budget, increase registrations, and improve the participant experience. The right software can help you make adjustments gradually or on the fly.

How to Choose an Event Management Software for Your Needs

Armed with information about what event management software can do, you’re ready to decide. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a program that’s just right.


It helps to know your priorities. When considering a software provider, consider whether that company’s priorities match your own. Check that the software will meet your specific needs.

2Think beyond registration tech

Technology for events goes well beyond signing people up. Consider what you want your software to do during and after your event. For example, high-tech solutions such as smart badges and hubs simply make your event better for everyone.

3Event size

Your event is unique, and event size is a large part of that. Don’t be distracted by features that don’t matter for your specific event; look for the features that will serve your needs.


Consider whether you’ll use the software for multiple events. Software should translate well across events and serve you going into the future, allowing you to use the data gathered in one event to improve others.

5Robust and innovative features

Your event management solution should include a variety of high-tech features that work in concert to help your event live up to its full potential. An outstanding software provider like etouches’ partners with top developers to provide the most robust suite of features to event planners.

6Reliable and knowledgeable support

When planning your event, you need to know that you’ll receive support whenever you need it—even in the middle of the night or in the middle of the event. Every aspect of your planning package should be supported by specialists who know both the software and event planning.


When planning your event, you need to know that you’ll receive support whenever you need it—even in the middle of the night or in the middle of the event. Every aspect of your planning package should be supported by specialists who know both the software and event planning.

8A smooth transition

Be sure your software provider is willing to support you through the transition. They should work with you to develop a plan for hassle-free migration, and they should understand your needs from the get-go.

As an event planner, you need software that will make everything run seamlessly and increase your ROI. Work with a provider that can meet all your needs seamlessly, and you’ll improve your planning process and your event.

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